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2024 - Photo - Wilcox-Martin Family

Wilcox- Martin Family Gathering

Nancy Simmons

Josephine Martin - mother

Edward Jacob Martin - grandfather

Nina Pearl Wilcox - great-grandmother


Wilcox - Martin Family Gathering about 1922

I am fortunate to have an amazing collection of family photos. That makes it extremely hard to select one photo to write about when I have so many favorites. This is one of my favorite family group photos. It is the Wilcox-Martin family.  My great-grandmother, Nina Pearl Wilcox married Francis Arthur (Frank) Martin in 1892. This picture contains Nina Pearl, three of her siblings and their wives, her three sons and their wives, and three grandchildren. It also has her cousin and his wife, and their two daughters.


It is a Wilcox-Martin family gathering of some sort. Where this takes place is a guess. Nina and Frank and their married children all lived in Detroit but often took trips to Dundee in Monroe County, Michigan where Nina lived as a girl. Interesting is the building in the background named the IN-B-TWEEN. Is that the name of someone’s home? The two cars parked behind the group are maybe 1918 Fords or of that vintage.


Dating this photo I used the small child in front, my aunt Nina Marie Martin, who was born October 28, 1920, and looks like she might be about 18 months old in this picture. That would make it the summer of 1922. My grandmother, Mary Catherine (Cronin) Martin is holding the baby. The boy sitting on the ground is Clyde Osborne Miller, son of Blanche (Wilcox) and Dale Miller


I love the dog on the lower left side looking at the group. And I wonder who is taking the picture of the group? My great-grandfather, Francis Arthur (Frank) Martin is missing so he might be the one taking the picture! And what is Hubbard Wilcox on the right side doing in an apron? The Wilcox men were known for their ability to cook small game and fish so maybe he is preparing the food? What is he holding? I thought it was a chicken or a bird but on closer examination, it could be a catch of fish.


So most old pictures can be challenging especially when they are not labeled. You try to figure out what is the occasion, where is the picture taken and who is in the picture. The occasion was a family gathering of the Martin families who lived in Detroit visiting the Wilcox families of Dundee, Michigan. I believe it took place somewhere near Dundee, Michigan. Looking at the leaves on the trees and the clothes that are wearing and based on the age of the baby it must be the summer of 1921 or 1922. I tried my best to identify the family members in the photo.

I have placed the photo at the end of my story with names and relationships to follow.



Here are the names and the relationships to the best of my knowledge.

Back row: left side Minnie (Baker) Wilcox is the wife of Hubbard Wilcox front row far right holding the fish.

Back row: second from the left Blanche (Wilcox) Miller is the wife of Dale Miller in the back row sixth from left.

Back row: third from left Orville Ellis Martin husband of Edna (Simon) Martin front row second from left.

Back row: fourth from left child, Edward Jacob Martin held by his father Edward William Martin.

Back row: sixth from left Dale Miller husband of Blanche (Wilcox) Miller back row second from the left.

Back row: seventh from left child Francis James Martin held by his father, Hubbard Walter Martin.

Back row: ninth from left Amy (Austin) Smith wife of Irvin George Smith on her right.

Back row: tenth from left Irvin George Smith husband of Amy (Austin) Smith on his left.


Front row: left side Harry Elsworth Wilcox, brother of Nina (Wilcox) Martin.

Front row: second from left Edna (Simon) Martin wife of Orville Ellis Martin back row third from left.

Front row: third from left Blanche (Wilcox) Miller wife of Dale Miller back row sixth from left.

Front row: fourth from left Grace Smith daughter of Amy and Irvin Smith back row ninth & tenth from left.

Front row: fifth from left Mina Smith daughter of Amy and Irvin Smith back row ninth & tenth from left.

Front row: sixth from left Mary Elle O’Rourke Martin wife of Hubbard Walter Martin back row eighth from left.

Front row: seventh from left Hubbard Eugene Wilcox, husband of Minnie (Baker) Wilcox back row far left side.


The three in front: child Nina Marie Martin, daughter of Edward W. Martin back row fifth from left, and her mother. holding her Mary Catherine (Cronin) Martin, and sitting cross-legged Clyde Osbourne Miller, son of Blanche (Wilcox) Miller front row third from left, and his father Dale Miller back row sixth from left.


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