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2018 Prompt - Travel - Mary Catherine CRONIN

MARY CATHERINE CRONIN - 1895-1952 my grandmother

Mary Catherine CRONIN

With Irish blood running through your veins one always dreams of traveling back to the Emerald Isle.  Fortunately for my grandmother, Mary Catherine Cronin, that dream came true at a young age. In 1909 my great grandparents, Denis and Bridgette (Stackpole) Cronin decided to travel back to Ireland taking their youngest daughter, Mary Catherine.
Mary Catherine CRONIN First Communion 1907

Mary Catherine was the fifth child born to Denis and Bridgette on October 27, 1895[1] in Detroit, Michigan.  Mary's parents were both born in County Cork, Ireland but they had immigrated to the United States about 1880[2]. It had been almost 30 years since they left home when they planned a trip to go back home to Ireland to visit. Mary was thirteen years old and had suffered from rheumatic fever as a young child.  According to family it was believed that Denis and Bridgette took their daughter Mary with them hoping the ocean voyage would be good for her health. Rheumatic fever is an inflammatory reaction that can occur after a streptococcal infection of the throat. The ailment last only a few weeks but heart damage may last for life. The doctors agreed that Mary had heart damage.

S.S. Teutonic

Denis, Bridgette and Mary traveled to Ireland in the summer of 1909. According to the ship manifest they returned home on the SS Teutonic leaving Queensboro on August 26, 1909.[3]  Denis Cronin is listed as 49 years-old, motorman and returning to Detroit, Michigan. Bridget is listed as 48 years when in fact she was a year or two older than Denis. And their daughter is listed as Bridget and is eleven years old when in fact this was Mary Catherine and she was 13 years old. Denis’ passport does list his daughter’s name as Mary but again states she is eleven years old.[4] Oh! To know where they traveled and who they visited would be wonderful.

S.S. Teutonic Manifest
Sailing from Queensboro August 26, 1909 

Since Denis was from Millstreet, County Cork it is possible that Mary saw the old stone bridge in Millstreet and Drishane Castle. Family lore states that my grandmother did kiss the Blarney Stone. I don't believe either Denis or Bridget had parents that were still living but they possibly visited siblings and cousins. 
Blarney Stone

Millstreet Bridge in County Cork

Drishane Castle, Millstreet, County Cork

The trip obviously improved my grandmother's health since she was married to my grandfather, Edward Jacob Martin, on June 28, 1917 by the Catholic priest Rev Andrew F. Browne. The witnesses were Edward's brother, Hubbard Walter Martin, and Mary's best friend and sister-in-law, Mary Ellen (O'Rourke) Martin.[5]
Mary Catherine CRONIN marriage to Edward Jacob MARTIN 1917
Mary birthed her first child, Edward William Martin on September 16, 1918[6] and then had three daughters. Nina Marie born October 28, 1920,[7] Josephine Blanche born June 2, 1923[8] and Beatrice Mary born September 10, 1929.[9]
Bridget CRONIN, Mary Catherine CRONIN MARTIN and daughter, Nina Marie

Denis CRONIN and daughter, Mary Catherine, and grandaughter Josephine

It was shortly after Mary's father-in-law died in 1947 that Mary's heart problems flared up. To prevent Mary from climbing stairs Mary and Edward, moved to a small home in Dearborn, a community just southwest of Detroit. Here she was closer to her children who had all bought homes in Dearborn. Mary, my grandmother, would take the bus to my mother's home to help her with her with her three small daughters.
Mother's Day 1951 or 1952
Josephine, Beatrice, Mary Catherine, Nina and daughter-in-law, Julie

  But in early October of 1952 Mary Catherine suffered a stroke and died October 13, 1952.[10] Three days later she was buried at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Oakland County, Michigan.[11]

As many often dream of visiting the Emerald Isle, one might say my grandmother was very lucky to have traveled at an age that allowed her to vividly remember her visit and share it with her children.  Unfortunately, the reason she was able to go is the reason she was never able to share those memories of traveling to Ireland with her grandchildren.

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